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Curbed Cup Second Round Results! Here Comes the Excelsior

Voting for the Curbed Cup is on hold for today while we review the results from this week's contests. The still-undefeated No. 16 seed, Inner Sunset, continued its winning streak, this time tossing out the 2011 and 2012 champ, the Lower Haight, which did not enjoy a strong showing, garnering just 29 percent of the vote. After last year's upset in this same round, the Lower Haight's lackluster returns are starting to look less like a fluke and more like a trend.

The Bayview and the Excelsior got into an all-out war, and it was a close race, but the Excelsior hung onto its lead out of the gate. Bernal defeated SoMa handily, and, though it's pretty late in the game, residents of reigning champ Portola—who were nowhere to be found during the call for nominations and silent during the first round—finally showed up and took umbrage at our speculation that their neighborhood could be a one-hit wonder.

"We won last year because we have a very active and diverse community that takes great pride in our little corner of SF, our residents have organized to create the Burrows Pocket Park, have created an annual garden walk and holiday party and even a very successful drag queen bingo night," writes commenter Alex740. "We may still be the neighborhood that few have heard about but our sunny location nestled between the super hot markets of Bernal, Excelsior & Bayview may change that in the near future." And Art Is A Process submitted this bon mot: "If Bayview is the next Williamsburg, the Portola is the next Park Slope."

See you back here Monday for the penultimate round.

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