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Which Buildings or Neighborhoods Did You Break Up With?

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Welcome to Year in Curbed, wherein we close out 2014 by asking local design, real estate, and media luminaries to reflect on the highlights and lowlights of a year's worth of development in San Francisco. The answers are in no particular order; all responses have been cut and pasted unabridged, below.

Q: Which buildings or neighborhoods did you break up with?

Denise Cherry, principal at Studio O+A (and Curbed Young Gun): I want to break up with SoMa—with the traffic-inducing construction and less-than-inspiring new development—but I can't seem to bring myself to do it. We always get back together once I step into our office.

Allison Arieff, editorial director at SPUR: Valencia Street is inspiring me to eat at the oldest, most un-trendy restaurants I can find.

Marc L'Italien, principal at EHDD: Well, we haven't broken up yet but I'm having a spat with the Mission. It's gotten too big for its britches and forgotten those who helped shape it. It has so many great new qualities now but we can't afford to lose its character and grit and hurt the people who've made it such a vibrant and creative place.

Cliff Kuang, articles editor at WIRED: SoMa. At this point, it's just clear that the ludicrously large blocks will never engender any kind of pleasant street life. Long live Jane Jacobs.

Kevin Ho, broker associate at Vanguard Properties: The Rincon Hill area is now the focus of intense growth with the Lumina and scores of new buildings springing up like weeds. But all this growth and ongoing construction has lead to traffic congestion worse than the cold going around the city now.

Anne Fougeron, principal at Fougeron Architecture: SoMa. I left after having my office there for 7 years. Never looked back.

Brock Keeling, culture editor at 7x7 magazine: SoMa. Seeing one too many CrossFit cult members jogging on Folsom ruined it for me.

John King, urban design critic at the San Francisco Chronicle: I'm a softie. Every neighborhood has its own intriguing character, though I prefer the ones with less attitude, please.

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