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SF Now Has More Than 50,000 Units in the Housing Pipeline

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San Francisco's housing pipeline is composed of unbuilt housing in every stage of approvals, and according to SF Planning's latest Quarter 3 Pipeline Report, there are about 50,600 units on the way. The city currently has about 381,000 units, so if all of that new housing gets built it would create a sizable increase in San Francisco's housing supply. About 3,090 new units have been completed in the past year and an additional 6,700 are currently under construction. Many of the new units in the pipeline are on the south side of the city in neighborhoods like South Beach, SoMa, Mission Bay, Mid-Market, Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, and the Mission.

Although the total number of new units planned is large, more than half of them are in three big projects: Hunters Point/Candlestick, Park Merced, and Treasure Island. Those projects won't be completed for decades. The median time of completion for projects that have been finished in the past year is 43 months from the time of first filing with SF Planning to opening. That means that many of the projects in the pipeline have years to go before they are ready for residents.

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