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Take Over Someone's Incomplete NoPa Renovation for $2.595M

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A huge eight-bedroom home on NoPa's Divisadero Street, which just hit the market asking $2.595 million, is rather confusing. It was built way back in 1890 and isn't in the best of shape, with old floorboards and dingy interiors. However, it has clearly undergone some recent renovations because the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen appear to be brand new, with plastic wrap still covering the oven's handles. The brokerbabble says that "much of the remodeling completed," but that remodeling really seems to have stopped right in the middle of its progress. Some upstairs windows are even missing and covered with temporary material.

The house was designed by architects Keenan & Cranston and includes an in-law unit. It's also zoned NC2, meaning small-scale neighborhood commercial use is allowed. Recent renovations include updated plumbing, new electrical, and fresh drywall. The home's exterior has also been covered with siding, although it's unclear when that happened.

The renovation work that has been done doesn't look to be top notch, even if it's fresh, and there's lots more to do. That makes it hard to picture what this place will become. Will it be purchased by flippers and turned into a gleaming new home? In that case, would the renovation work already done be replaced by even newer renovations? Does anyone actually want an eight-bedroom home with no parking right on Divisadero?

The place is asking only $515 per square, so maybe someone will see the upside here and swoop in to turn it around.

· 918 Divisadero Street [Redfin]