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This Gingerbread Replica of AT&T Park Is Mad Yum

To wrap up another auspicious even-numbered year, in which the Giants took their third World Series title in six years, Waterbar is showing off this delicious-looking yet definitely not to scale replica of AT&T Park in gingerbread. Pastry chef Angela Salvatore used the holidays' most appropriately architectural foodstuff—which we like to think of as Giants orange, but with a tan—to build a baseball diamond for a suited-up team, including a gingerbread Bumgarner. The giant Coke bottle has been rendered in a clump of Gummi Coke bottles, the trees are green rock candy, and one dugout is quite possibly a Tootsie Roll. As our sister site Eater observed, the park's patrons are mainly penguins, but they do look rather sportsmanlike, so that's OK by us. Stop by Waterbar to check out Salvatore's handiwork until New Year's Eve. Eater has more pics this way.

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