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Here's What San Francisco Would Look Like As the Olympic Host

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San Francisco's Olympic bid organizers have released the details of their $4.5 billion plan for the 2024 Summer Games, and they imagine a city where sporting events could be integrated almost seamlessly into existing structures and places. Cow Palace would play host to boxing matches, cyclists would take over Marina Green, and tennis matches would be held on Treasure Island. The biggest addition to the Bay Area would be a temporary stadium along the bay in Brisbane for track and field events. After several infamously expensive Olympics—think Beijing and Sochi—that have left cities with unused facilities, San Francisco's organizers have focused on cutting costs by using already existing or temporary facilities in their bid.

Even housing for the Olympics would be able to make use of existing buildings. The organizers would rent 2,000 units at the SF Shipyard to turn it into an Olympic Village during the event. Even Piers 30-32, the unused bayfront site that had been a potential home of the Warriors arena and a George Lucas museum, would get in on the action by playing host to the beach volleyball events. It would be turned into a park after the games. Pier 80, most recently used as Oracle's home base during the America's Cup, would get a temporary aquatics facility.

United States cities in competition for the 2024 games are San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. The US Olympic Committee will make its selection in early 2015, and the final choice of 2024's Olympic host will be made by the International Olympic Committee in 2017.

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