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Renting at 2000 Broadway Will Turn You into Leonardo DiCaprio

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Apparently, renting an apartment at Pacific Heights' 2000 Broadway is great enough to make renters "Feel like the king of the world." This is the latest marketing tactic from the infamous Trinity Management, which posted a Craigslist ad for a furnished two-bedroom in the building that leads off with an image of Leonardo DiCaprio and his famous Titanic quote (though it does seem to be missing a word, as it's written "I'm king of the world" rather than "I'm the king of the world"). Unfortunately, the apartment itself doesn't really live up to its royal promises. There's bland beige carpeting throughout and the furniture looks like it came from a chain motel.

The apartment rents for $4,844 a month, a rather princely sum, although not at all out of line with Pacific Heights rental prices. The building boasts an indoor heated pool, a fitness center, and gated parking, er, below deck. There's also laundry on every floor, although we wonder if Leo will be treated to that level of service in steerage.

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