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Last Week's Biggest Sales: Everything Went for Under Asking

Listed for: $4.25M
Received: $4.095M
Size: 7-bed, 3-bath single-family home
Location: 2620 Buchanan St, Pacific Heights
The skinny: The sizable but slightly ramshackle Victorian at 2620 Buchanan is, legally speaking, three units, but has the potential to be reunited into a single-family home. It's full of wood trim, stained glass, heavy wood doors, rich paneling, and distinctive tiling around the fireplaces. The kitchen, however, is sad, and probably one reason the property didn't achieve its asking price.

Listed for: $4.05M
Received: $3.775M
Size: 4-bed, 5-bath, 3,589-square-foot single-family home
Location: 212 Presidio Ave, Pacific Heights
The skinny: About two blocks shy of the Presidio gate, 212 Presidio has been "thoughtfully remodeled," chirps the brokerbabble—which in this case means lots of beige carpet, a color scheme reminiscent of a Starbucks (or maybe Cosi), and some choice leopard-print carpet in the hall. All that can be switched out, thankfully, and the kitchen looks to be in good shape.

Listed for: $2.8M
Received: $2.5M
Size: 5-bed, 5.5-bath, 4,202-square-foot condo
Location: 42 Chenery St, Glen Park
The skinny: Though it's basically a single-family home, 42 Chenery is treated as a condo because of its shared backyard. We've been ogling the strange showering scenario ever since this property came on the market. The master bath is, as you recall, a completely open stage set within the master bedroom, a peep-show-like arrangement that turns hygiene into performance by requiring bathers to undertake their daily ablutions without walls—and maybe also with friends! We're guessing that the $300K the buyer shaved from the asking price will be the founding contribution to a renovation fund.

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