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Inside the $9,500/Month Bachelor Pad at the Center of the Uber Exec Uproar

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Emil Michael, senior vice president of business at Uber, has been at the center of a number of spats lately. First came the news that Michael wanted to run a campaign that dug up dirt on the personal lives of journalists who had been critical of Uber. Then, just before the weekend a story surfaced about Michael's battle with his former landlord over a Pacific Heights condo for which he was paying $9,500 a month. After a fight over a gardener entering the unit, Michael filed a restraining order against his landlord that was later tossed out by a judge as "borderline frivolous."

So what was the expensive condo at the center of the dispute actually like? The three-bedroom, two-bathroom property was renovated down to the studs in 2008 and sold for $2.17 million. It overlooks Alta Plaza and features a gourmet kitchen, a remote-control hot tub, a built-in 50-inch plasma television, and three indoor/outdoor living areas. It was those outdoor areas that sparked the dispute between Michael and his landlord when a gardener was given access to care for them.

The condo was back on the market for a few weeks in 2012, but pulled quite quickly around the same time that Michael rented it out. According to Buzzfeed, the rent has now been raised to $13,335 per month.

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