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See One Rincon Hill Magically Grow in Odd Google Earth Glitch

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Last week, Google announced a new, improved 3D Google Earth for San Francisco that shows buildings and city details that look more realistic than ever. But there seem to be a few glitches in Google's newfangled version of the city. An up-close shot of One Rincon Hill shows the luxury complex's second tower in the middle of construction, with a crane rising above it and an unfinished facade. However, zooming out a bit shows the building in a much more completed form, standing high above the same yellow crane. In fact, zooming in and out on One Rincon shows Tower 2 and other buildings around it appearing to deconstruct and reconstruct at the push of a button.
The Bay Bridge also shows up in the new 3D imagery in its current half-demolished form. However, there also appears to be traffic on the bridge's old span despite the yawning gap in its form and the construction equipment everywhere. Despite the glitches, the new imagery is very striking, especially around downtown's big skyscrapers.

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One Rincon Hill

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