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Fabric-Based Fog to Literally Blanket UN Plaza This Spring

For three days in April, the Market Street Prototyping Festival will bring 50 temporary installations to the Market Street corridor. Ever since the announcement of the winners (chosen by SF Planning and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts), we've been highlighting projects that have caught our eye, from a hanging butterfly habitat to ghosted waterways to this pop-up microhome. A fitting occasion, then, for Karl to finally have his official portrait made.

The ubiquitous vapor and local Twitter celebrity will be represented in sheets of white fabric, layered and lit to achieve different levels of transparency, just like the real thing. Pedestrians will be able to walk through the installation, dubbed Fogplane, and experience the visual trickery of fog without getting clammy or having to put on a hoodie. So far, the likely spot for Fogplane is UN Plaza, so look out for it there between April 9 and 11.

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