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Give Yourself the Spins with Steelblue's 3-D Tour Inside Lumina

If you want to take a tour of Lumina's sales gallery but don't want to leave the couch (or give a sales guy your number), the super-luxe, seductively named condo complex has just the solution for you: a virtual panoramic tour. Steelblue put together a simulation of the model unit, where the views of the Bay Bridge are stunning and the appliances are, naturally, top of the line. If you hold down the arrow key, the room spins until you let go, like a virtual die in a very high-end drinking game. Steelblue also created tours of the gallery and lobby, but taking a digital tour of a scale model of the building we're virtually inside just feels excessively meta to us.

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The Lumina

, San Francisco, CA 94105

201 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA