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For $18,000/Month, Rent a SoMa Penthouse That No One Wants

The seriously sexy penthouse that tops SoMa's Mint Collection Sliver Building has been on the market since July. It's cut its price from $4.5 million down to $4.2 million, but still hasn't been successful in finding someone who wants to occupy its stunning, industrial interiors (as a commenter pointed out, there's a nightclub downstairs and the neighborhood outside is still not so great). If you love the place but don't have $4.2 million to cough up, you can now rent the four-bed, four-bath penthouse for a mere $18,000 per month.

That $18,000 per month adds up to $216,000 a year, which is, of course, enough to buy a house in many places. But at the Mint Collection it will get you 3,000 square feet of living space designed by Martin Building Company and Lundberg Design. Features include exposed concrete walls, a circular staircase, and oversize industrial windows. There is a private roof deck complete with hot tub and exclusive access to a City CarShare Prius parked at the building.

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