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Could This Be 100 Van Ness's Most Craptacular View?

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Last week, when we had a look at the pricing for the new rental units going in at 100 Van Ness, the former AAA headquarters soon to emerge from its Solomon Cordwell Buenz-assisted makeover, we took note of a handy feature over at the property's website. The site lets prospective tenants check out the views from each unit. A tipster suggested we go and look at the view from apartment 402, a one-bedroom on the fourth floor, and well. After doing some comparison shopping and clicking around a bit on other units on the same floor, we have to agree with our tipster's assessment, which was: FTW.

On the bright side, the future tenant of 402 won't be paying top dollar for the privilege. As you perhaps recall, one-bedrooms (which range between 628 and 849 square feet) start in the $3,100s. While not cheap by any measure, that price puts 100 Van Ness about $250 below the latest median asking rent for a one-bedroom in SF and a solid $445 below the price of a one-bedroom at Avalon Hayes Valley three blocks west, where the coordinates command a premium. Future 402 tenant, whoever you are, if things start to get desperate you might consider hiring the trompe l'oeil muralist who tricked out the basement at Danny Glover's old house.

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