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Last Week's Biggest Sales: Swanked Out Noe Flip Finds a Buyer

Listed for: $3.495M
Received: $3.25M
Size: 4-bed, 4-bath single-family home
Location: 1214 Diamond St, Noe Valley
The skinny: Last sold in 2012 for $1.17 million, this home underwent quite the makeover. In two years it added a rooftop half-level, a sleek facade, a fireplace that is trying way too hard, and more than $2 million to the price. The head-to-toe upgrade didn't pull in all the dough the flippers planned, however; the sale price ultimately fell short of the initial ask by $245K.

Listed for: $2.3M
Received: $2.7M
Size: 4-bed, 2.5-bath single-family home
Location: 2113 Broderick St, Pacific Heights
The skinny: This Victorian is just hands-down really pretty. We're not surprised that it went into contract in just 10 days, after landing on the market at the end of October. There are loads of intricate details to ogle, from carved moldings underscored in gold to columned bay windows and a sweet brick fireplace. The home pulled in $400K over its asking price despite its rather dated kitchen.

Listed for: $2.195M
Received: $2.475M
Size: 2-bed, 2.5-bath, 2,225-square-foot condo
Location: 2632 Laguna St, Pacific Heights
The skinny: The full-floor condo at 2632 Laguna last sold in 2010 for $1.4 million, making last week's sale a $1 million-plus gain. Between the market's rise since the recession and this abode's spectacular details—a kitchen aglow in cream cabinetry, box-beam ceilings in faded gold, an effect we'll call mottled bling—that's pretty much to be expected. The bathroom wallpaper is, we'll just say, extremely loud and incredibly close. We just hope the new buyer changes out the chandeliers, pronto.

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