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Rebuild Potrero Redevelopment Finally Takes a Step Forward

After several years of waiting, the Rebuild Potrero project, which is set to transform 33 acres of public housing atop Potrero Hill, has finally begun to move. Efforts to redevelop Potrero Terrace-Annex began back in 2008; plans call for the transformation of the current 606 units of public housing into as many as 1,700 units of public, below-market-rate, and moderate-rate housing. When we last checked in, back in August, the project was awaiting city approvals. This week it reached a major milestone with the publication of its Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement and the announcement of a public hearing at Planning on December 11.

The long-troubled public housing complex in Potrero is in for a complete overhaul. The complex was built back in the 1940s along curving roads that hug the hills but cut it off from the surrounding street grid. Plans are to change this with a new street grid that will, along with other improvements, better connect the area with the neighborhood.

Nonprofit developer BRIDGE Housing has joined with architecture and planning firm Van Meter Williams Pollack to devise the plans for the neighborhood. The housing will be joined by new transit stops, retail and community facilities, and open space. A neighborhood center will be built at 24th Street, a "Squiggle Park" will provide recreational space, and pedestrian connections will bring everything together.

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