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Pac Heights 'Victorian' Declares Victory Over NIMBYs, Adds $5M

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Way back in 2012, the owners of 2807 Clay, which at the time was a petite two-bed, one-bath Eastlake Victorian built in 1885, wanted to add a story and extend the house rearward on the lot. Neighbors, who apparently were mad that the remodeled house would be nearly as tall as their own, filed a Discretionary Review Request with Planning. Because the new level would be set back and the changes were in line with zoning and the character of the neighborhood, Planning essentially said bollocks to that. Now, two years later, the home has emerged from a renovation led by Nova Designs + Builds, and it is very fancy indeed. It is also a full $5.22 million more expensive than its prior 19th-century self.

Now asking $6.495 million, the five-bed, four-point-five-bath abode includes a new deck off the master suite, a roof deck, and a garden-level au pair suite. Make no mistake, behind that preserved Victorian facade, this is a modern home—perhaps by necessity, if this lone interior pic left over from the prior sale is any indication:

Aside from a small office with a fanciful woodland-style wall treatment, everything is clean and modern, from the dark wood floors to the blond wood paneling and rather corporate-looking charcoal slidey door. Bonus: someone has already gone to the trouble of setting up the backyard for croquet.

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