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Awesome Maps Depict the Bay Area As a Colony of Middle Earth

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San Francisco fantasy fans take note: Geographer Stentor Danielson has created several Tolkien-inspired maps of our city. The Pittsburgh-based mapmaker first became interested in geography via Lord of the Rings and has now used the Middle Earth style to depict San Francisco in a simple but charming pen-and-ink-sketched map that shows the city's trees, hills, and neighborhoods. The map is grandly titled "The Domain of San Francisco in the Realm of California" and traverses our fair lands from the (come to think of it) fantasy-sounding Treasure Island in the north down to the San Bruno Mountains and Mussel Rock Park just beyond the city's southern borders.

In addition to the San Francisco map, Danielson has created a map for the whole Bay Area that sweeps across the Berkeley Hills, up to Petaluma and down along the Santa Cruz mountains to San Jose. San Francisco Bay, with its many bridges, sits at the heart of the map. There is also a map focusing on Oakland. (Plus a San Francisco/Oakland hybrid for true indecisives.) Starting today you can order posters and prints of the San Francisco, Oakland, and Bay Area maps at Danielson's Etsy store.

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