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Mapping the Median Rent of a One-Bedroom in San Francisco

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We've already learned that San Francisco's median rents topped New York's for the third month in a row in October, but how does that staggering statistic break down by neighborhood? Rental website Zumper has provided us with this handy map showing the median one-bedroom rent for neighborhoods around the city in October. Russian Hill is the city's most expensive neighborhood, as it was in September, although the median rental rate there was down from $4,000 to $3,800. Russian Hill is followed by South Beach and the Marina (both $3,700). The Outer Mission/Excelsior was the cheapest place in the city to rent, with a median one-bedroom rate of $1,750 per month. It's also still relatively cheap to get a place in the Bayview ($1,900), the Outer Sunset ($2,100), and the Inner Richmond ($2,300).

Many neighborhoods saw rent increases in October from the last time Zumper checked in, just one month ago. The Mission, which we noted was way down in September from previous rates, went right back up, jumping from $2,500 to $3,000 in just a month, while other neighborhoods—like Noe Valley, the Lower Haight, and Telegraph Hill—all jumped by a few hundred dollars. Russian Hill and South Beach, the city's most expensive neighborhoods, were among the only ones that actually saw significant rent drops from September to October. And it looks like Russian Hill is still dropping: It was $3,595 on November 1, according to Zumper's rent-trend tool, which tracks the ups and downs of neighborhood medians by the day. (The historic rents currently only go back one month but will get more useful in time as data is added.)

A note on the data: Zumper gets most of its data from direct posts to its site, meaning that listings get posted there directly and are not duplicates of other listings elsewhere on the web. The data cover new posts to the site, so today's map reflects rates for apartments being rented now, not those rented out before October 2014. Zumper also vets all the brokers, landlords, and property managers who list on their site, meaning that scammers don't get listed and you're not going to see fake, low-priced rentals. Many of the units listed tend to be newer developments built after 1979, which experience higher turnover and have more access to amenities than cheaper, rent-controlled counterparts.

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