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Fancy French Pac Heights Home Loses $1.1M from Price

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Just a month and a half ago, 3090 Pacific Avenue hit the market with high hopes. The five-bedroom, six-and-a-half bathroom French-style mansion was hoping to bring in $9.5 million. However, it was not to be. Yesterday the home's asking price plunged down to $8.4 million, a quick $1.1 million drop. The house was built back in 1929 and spreads over three levels, with a spiral staircase sweeping between the floors. Some of the detailing in the home is beautiful, with carved wood and stained glass touches throughout.

The house is mostly lovely, but, as with most homes that undergo a price cut, there are some flaws. It looks like the current owners went a bit crazy with a beige paintbrush since most rooms throughout the home are the same boring shade. That, however, is easily fixable. At least two of the bathrooms are fairly dated, although others appear to be more recently remodeled. The biggest problem with the house is the very minimal backyard and outdoor space. The listing promises a patio, garden and hot tub out back, but photos show only a narrow space that doesn't look like it would get much sunlight.

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