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Look Inside the Latest Summit 800 Home to Hit the Market

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The brand-new development Summit 800 has gotten off to a bit of a rough beginning. The townhouses launched back in August with prices all well into the seven figures, but some of the units had taken price cuts by October. Although renderings have long been available of the homes' exteriors, no interior images had popped up until today. A new $1.675 million listing on the MLS for a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom home has shots of the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Not surprisingly, the home's interiors appear to be straight out of the suburbs. The pictures available are of a model home that has been upgraded with custom finishes. The living room looks comfy (and the image of golf on the big flatscreen TV makes us feel even more like we're on a housing tract cul-de-sac.) The kitchen is loaded up with Viking appliances, and the house comes with a solar system for power. In this particular unit there is also a three-car garage, which is excellent because, like the suburbs, absolutely nothing is within walking distance of the new development's Lake Merced location.

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Lake Merced

, San Francisco, CA 94132