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Tiny, Perfect Ingleside Cottage Sells for Well Over $399K Ask

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Back in September, a one-bedroom cottage in Ingleside with a rough facade but a gem of an interior became the latest, very desirable member of our Under $500K Club. The tiny house listed for $399K, solidly above its 2007 sale price of $343,500 but well, well below most other properties in San Francisco. It seems that we weren't the only ones who fell in love with this diminutive home's wood-paneled walls and stained-glass touches. The house went into contract two weeks after listing and just sold for $440,000, or a bit more than 10 percent over asking.

The price does, of course, mean that the Ingleside cottage is still a card-carrying member of the Under $500K Club. In addition to its charming living space, it also offers solar panels, a backyard, and a location near the fast-developing Ocean Avenue. Congratulations to the lucky buyer!

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