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Mint Collection Penthouse Takes a Sliver Off Price, Now $4.3M

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Way back in July, a very sexy penthouse at the Mint Collection's Sliver Building came on the market asking $4.5 million. Despite the condo's size—it takes up the entire seventh and eighth floors of the building—and stunning design, it hasn't yet found a buyer and recently sliced its price by $200K down to $4.3 million. The penthouse is a collaboration between Martin Building Company and Lundberg Design, the architecture firm that brought San Francisco spaces like Quince restaurant and Twitter's headquarters.

The penthouse comes with all kinds of perks, from exclusive access to a City CarShare Prius to a private roof deck with an outdoor kitchen and a hot tub. The brokerbabble touts a location near Blue Bottle Cafe, Cavalier, and Hotel Zetta. However, as a commenter pointed out in July, there are downsides to the busy neighborhood. Dance club Mezzanine is located downstairs and most nights pumps out bass that can be easily heard in the apartments. But in such a beautiful space, maybe you'd just want to dance along.

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Mint Collection

401 Jessie Street, San Francisco, CA 94109