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Untouched Diamond Heights Home Is a Portal to the 1960s

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UPDATE (11/25/14): The real estate company tasked with providing the listing information incorrectly called this home an Eichler. After the below post went live, the listing was updated to remove the error. The home is not an Eichler, but it is in the mid-century modern style. We've updated our post to reflect the changes.

The Diamond Heights Eichlers can be a mixed bag, from sad orphans to restored specimens that command a premium. Here we have not an Eichler, but a mid-century modern home that looks like the 1960s never left, but just got, you know, waaaay older. The three-bed, two-bath, 1,689-square-foot home at 60 Turquoise Way was built in 1964 and looks to be one story, with a vaulted wood ceiling on the way into the living room, wall-to-wall carpeting, and the original kitchen, complete with a cherry red wood-burning stove. It's undecorated, and a little forlorn—without nostalgia-porn staging, the 60s can look a bit grim through the unforgiving lens of inattentive smartphone photography—but all in all the place gives off a solid vibe.

At $1.19 million, the ask reflects the home's unrestored condition, coming in $545K lower than the sale price, last May, of the aforementioned bigger and showier restored specimen two streets up. 60 Turquoise, meanwhile, borders the trails of Glen Canyon, and there's a petite but very woodsy-feeling glassed-in deck overlooking the trees.

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