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$14 Million Pac Heights Sale Is One of SF's Biggest in 2014

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Back when Pacific Heights' 2040 Jackson Street hit the market during the height of the autumn listing season, we thought that the most impressive thing about it was its $15 million price. The house itself had been recently rebuilt with contemporary interiors that somewhat ignored its Spanish Revival past. However, after just a month an a half on the market - a relatively short time for such an expensive house - the home sold late last week for $14 million. Although it came in under asking, the eight-figure price was significant, even for a market as heady as San Francisco's.

For their $14 million, the buyers get a five bedroom, six and a half bathroom home with 7,100 square feet of living space, meaning that they spent nearly $2,000 per square. Highlights include the sweeping center staircase, the elaborate roof terrace complete with a full kitchen, and an elevator to all floors.There's an air-conditioned home theater, a back garden with fire pit, and views everywhere. Although this sale didn't top 3450 Washington's $18 million price back in April, it will undoubtedly rank as one of the biggest prices in San Francisco for 2014.

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