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SF's Thanksgiving Traffic Will Be Among the Nation's Worst

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If you haven't already fled town for Thanksgiving, you may want to consider getting out before Wednesday. San Francisco's traffic is, unsurprisingly, set to go through the roof on the day before Thanksgiving as holiday travelers head to their long weekend destinations. In fact, San Francisco is expected to have the third worst holiday traffic in the country, as measured by percentage increase of time needed for an average trip by a study from traffic information firm Inrix. Trips on Wednesday are expected to take 34 percent longer on average than a normal trip, putting San Francisco behind just Portland, Oregon and the country's traffic leader, Los Angeles.

The worst timing for expected Thanksgiving traffic in San Francisco is on Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:00 PM. And if you didn't think traffic was too bad last year, don't be too encouraged - it's expected to be 13 percent worse this year. Those headed to the airport won't get much of a reprieve, with travel times to SFO expected to take nearly twice as long as normal. So what's the best way to avoid the crush? Inrix, the company that created the report, recommends leaving before 2:00 pm or after 6:00 pm if you have to go on Wednesday. However, if you can wait until Thanksgiving morning, the roads should be completely clear.

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