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Swoonworthy Mid-Century Modern Co-Op Wants $3.225M

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Over in Russian Hill, what is surely one of the most desirable mid-century modern units in San Francisco is now on the market asking $3.225 million. The unit is a co-op at Fontana West, the hulking building constructed back in 1963 right on the waterfront's edge. With two bedrooms and three bathrooms, the place itself isn't huge, but every detail from the lacquered built-ins to the custom wood floors is just about perfect.

The mid-century apartment has been updated with thoroughly modern touches, including an iPad and an Apple computer built right into the walls and cabinets. There are floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the bay and an incredibly sleek white kitchen. HOA dues are $2,061/month, but include a doorman, a pool and a club house among other amenities. The only problem with this place is that it looks a bit too perfect to touch, much less live in.

· 1050 North Point Street Unit 1053A [Redfin]