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Cool Pulsing Data Lanterns Will Relay Transit Info at a Glance

At the Market Street Prototyping Festival in April, the experimental designers of Future Cities Lab will bring some pizzazz to the street's light posts and signaling poles. During the festival, which runs from April 9 to 11, the lab's Data Lanterns will translate data from transit systems (buses, trains, ferries) into animated beacons of light. The details are still TBD, but the designers will devise some way of informing pedestrians about arrivals and departures through this set of illuminated totems.

Light is already a part of civic information design—in everything from traffic lights to crosswalk signals—and turning transit data into a clever yet modest light show could enrich the level of information a pedestrian can gather from a quick look around. Imagine if a glance up at the Bay Lights could convey information about traffic levels. So, sort of like that, but shrunk down to the scale of a lava lamp.

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