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Restaurateur Pat Kuleto Selling Vineyard with Yurt for $10.95M

Restaurant designer Pat Kuleto is best known for developing the concept behind many of California's beloved restaurants, from the original Fog City Diner in the 1980s to Boulevard, which he also co-owns. Kuleto also built a successful vineyard in Napa Valley, and he's been trying to sell off part of the property for the past two years. The 602 acres on offer are home to more than 60 acres of grapes—predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon—and three rustic structures that range from a cabin to a "shackteau" to a very well-appointed yurt. Back when the property first came on the market it was asking $17.5 million, but it's now down to a much more manageable $10.95 million.

Although there is plenty of potential to build a proper house and even a whole winery and tasting room on the property, we kind of love what's already there. All of the structures were designed by Kuleto and are currently rented out to friends. The cabin and shackteau are both all wood and, although not luxurious, have an Old West charm to them. The yurt is even better, with draped fabric ceilings, an old-fashioned wood stove and a wooden platform above the main living space that serves as a bedroom. If the current buildings don't appeal, there are four legal parcels on the property and the opportunity to build two or three estates, all of which would have fantastic views.

The property itself, in the mountains of the Hennessey Basin, is stunning. It overlooks Lake Hennessey, the Napa Valley and the small town of Rutherford. There are also bodies of water that come with the land. Plus, Pat himself still lives next door in the 7,000-square-foot house that he built for himself. So hopefully whoever buys this place will be assured a standing reservation at Boulevard any time they want to head into the city from their new Napa Valley digs.

· 2460 Sage Canyon Road [Official Site]
· Sage Canyon Ranch [Pacific Union/Christie's International Real Estate]