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A Pretty if Somewhat Nonsensical Guide to Renting Near BART

The folks at RadPad, a rental-payment and apartment-listing service that is not to be confused with the hot pink fellow seen exploding out of his own heart chakra at, have run the numbers on their own listings and mapped the median rent of a one-bedroom close to BART in SF and the East Bay. Unlike our previous maps of one-bedroom rents, this version doesn't give prices by neighborhood. Instead, the rents are pulled from a half-mile radius around each BART stop, using data from between July and September of this year. So the curiously low price of $1,746 you see for the Glen Park BART stop isn't a Glen Park median, but one that factors in Excelsior prices, too.
The map gets less useful downtown and in the Financial District, where the BART stops are within half a mile of each other. In those neighborhoods, where you already know you're close to transit, a regular ol' neighborhood median map might be the better choice.

Meanwhile, the cheapest BART stop around can be found in South Hayward, where the median rent for a one-bedroom clocked in at just $1,100/month over the summer. That price came in just under Hayward's and Richmond's (both $1,150).

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