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Modern Home in Victorian Drag Wants $4.895M in Pac Heights

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When the home at Pacific Heights' 3083 California Street sold just over two years ago, it went for a modest price (at least for its fancy neighborhood) of $1.35 million. There are unfortunately no interior pictures of the house from that time, but an exterior shot shows a tidy beige Victorian with muted blue trim. In the time since, the house has undergone an overhaul to become a sleek modern place painted in trendy tones of black and gray. It's also more than tripled in price, adding $3.545 million to land at an ask of $4.895 million.

The 4,658 square feet of living space include four bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms, and there is also a three-car garage attached. There are all the requisite trappings of a rebuilt San Francisco house, from the open floor plan, flatscreen-style fireplace and chef's kitchen downstairs to the soaking tub in the master bathroom and the landscaped backyard. The home's style is even listed as "Modern/High-Tech" on its Redfin listing, abandoning all connection to its Victorian past.

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