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Introducing 'Pineapple,' the New Lifestyle Mag for Airbnb Hosts

On Friday Airbnb will launch a new quarterly lifestyle magazine for its hosts, and it will be called Pineapple. Despite sporting a logo that more closely resembles a pair of conjoined butternut squash (to put it charitably), the short-term-rental-enabling service chose the pineapple for its associations with hospitality in colonial New England, where the perks of being a young startup nation were largely fruit-based. According to the New York Times, the winter 2014 issue—to be unveiled at a convention for hosts in San Francisco on Friday—clocks in at 128 pages, is rather light on copy, and contains no advertising (which would be kind of weird, right?).

The inaugural issue has features on three popular cities for Airbnb: London, Seoul, and, yes, San Francisco. The local story focuses on the Outer Sunset—if you get a copy, please save us one!—but steers clear of the turf wars over Airbnb's presence in a place with an already totally squeezed rental housing market. If you're not an Airbnb host, you can pick up a copy for a whopping $12 (which amounts to the hotel tax on an $85 room or the price of about three pineapples) in bookstores in North America and the Mother country, barring interference from Whigs and Tories, that is.

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