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Here Now, 20 Stunningly Surreal Photos of San Francisco

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San Francisco-based photographer Shalaco creates otherworldly yet startlingly familiar images of San Francisco buildings floating disconnected from their surroundings, often set against a surreal background made up of sky and clouds. Shalaco puts together the photos in his series, titled Impossible Buildings, by taking pictures on his iPhone using the HDR Foto app and then changing their perspective, stretching them, and reflecting them with an additional set of apps. The result is a San Francisco made up of isolated structures and exaggerated elements. Shalaco says that he sees architecture as really being about the sky and how design interacts with this natural canvas. "Are they a glimpse into another planet, or islands of a future world transformed by rising sea levels?" he asks. "I'm not always certain, but they create a space for the viewer to contemplate what these otherworldly spaces [are for] and who occupies them." Whatever they are, we love them.
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