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Oakland Hills Mediterranean Comes with 'Treehouse' for Adults

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Surrounded by oak trees high in Oakland's hills is a four-bedroom home in Oakmore, just east of Glenview, which some consider the Noe Valley of Oakland when Rockridge isn't busy doing that. The house itself, built back in 1936 and renovated more recently with designs from architect Gordon Pierce, is a Mediterranean with arched doorways, beamed ceilings, and a sweet curved staircase. It sits on more than three-quarters of an acre of land, enough to be considered a true backyard. There's a pool surrounded by greenery and numerous decks, all of which offer views. The best part of the property is an open gazebo that sits atop a turret-esque bay on the third floor of the house. It feels almost like a treehouse for adults. (Were there once exterior walls extending to the roof, and someone had a much, much better idea?) The entire house is huge, with 5,641 square feet, and its $3.29 million ask puts it at $583 per square.
· 2201 Bywood Drive [The Grubb Co]