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These Daguerrotypes Show Modern SF in 19th-Century Style

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The daguerrotype was the very first type of photograph ever created, making its first appearance way back in 1839. These one-of-a-kind photos were formed on a polished silver surface and took both skill and time to produce. They also appeared reversed because they are viewed from the side of the metal that faced the camera lens. Daguerrotypes were fairly quickly replaced by less expensive and more advanced form of photography, but the skill has received a modern revival in recent years. San Francisco artist Binh Danh specializes in daguerrotypes, and his latest show, "This Then, Is San Francisco," shows modern views of the city that look like they were created in a different era. The pieces, which are on display at the Haines Gallery through December 20, range from the eerie scenery of Ocean Beach's Cliff House to the modern bustle of Grant Street. Here now is a selection of the daguerrotypes from Danh's show, because there's just something satisfying about seeing the Castro Theater advertising a Little Mermaid Singalong looking as if it came out of the 19th century.
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