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Mission Bay's New Market Hall Food Emporium to Break Ground

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Although new condos, apartments, and office buildings started coming to Mission Bay years ago, the area's development as a true neighborhood with dining and retail options has been slower to take off. Now Mission Bay is on the verge of an evolution in this arena, and one of the first big newcomers will begin construction as early as next week. The Market Hall will be a huge grocery and restaurant emporium on the ground level of the Channel Mission Bay apartments building, the new 315-unit rental complex that opened up back in February.

The 10,000-square-foot space will offer everything from locally sourced produce to sushi, and a 60-seat full-service restaurant will feature pizza, pasta, oysters, and small plates. The emporium was originally targeting a Labor Day opening, but the building permit process pushed that date back. The space is designed by Chesmore Buck Architecture, with Jane Kim Design responsible for the interiors. Owner Tony Riviera expects a 60-day construction period, so the marketplace should be ready for an opening in early 2015.

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