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Peculiar Glen Park Home Wants You to Shower without Walls

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Glen Park's 42 Chenery Street looks like a nice, if somewhat nondescript, large modern home. There are five bedrooms, NEST thermostats, a shared garden, and a garage. There's plenty of space and lots of nice touches included in the $2.8 million asking price. However, in the master bedroom things get a little weird. The room is huge, and one side of it has been turned into an open shower and sink area right smack dab in the bedroom itself. The shower consists of a shower head attached to the ceiling in the middle of a glass mosaic-tiled platform but has no surrounding partitioning or shelving for practical things like shampoo and soap (not to mention any sort of perpendicular surface for leg-shaving leverage). The shower also opens directly onto one of the home's two back balconies. Apparently Glen Park is becoming the go-to 'hood for exhibitionists? At least the toilet has been kept behind closed doors.
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