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New Housing Planned for Long-Vacant Tenderloin Lots

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Forge Land Company is hoping to put up a duo of environmentally friendly residential buildings on sites that have been parking lots since 1917. Assuming nobody deems the the sites national historic resources, more than 240 new housing units in an eight-story development designed by by Seattle-based Collins Woerman Architecture could rise in their place. As proposed, the lot at 351 Turk Street would be developed with an eight-story, 80-foot building containing 146 group housing rooms and 1,700 square feet of retail space. Over at 145 Leavenworth, a connected eight-story, 80-foot-high building with 98 group housing rooms and 2,100 square feet of retail space would be be built. Though the units will offer between 235 and 270 square feet of living space, they're not to be confused with SROs, since each unit will be equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom.
The developers hope to draw a food and beverage retailer to one of the ground-floor spaces. A potential plan for the remaining space is a café and laundromat that could make use of recycled hot water from the buildings' water-saving systems. What's more, according to the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition, the project would include two car-share parking spaces, 184 bicycles spots, and a grand total of zero private parking spaces.

The developer estimates that the units will be affordable to middle-income residents earning between the 100 and 130 percent of the area's median income. "We're not displacing any of the existing housing or community," Forge Land Company CEO Richard Hannum says, noting that the two lots never got built on after the 1906 earthquake. "We're simply augmenting the community. The rent rates will by definition be consistent with the community, so this is all net add housing stock." The Planning Commission will decide whether it'll move forward at a permit hearing that should be coming up soon.

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