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Wacky St. Francis Wood Colonial with Indoor Tree Asks $6.75M

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From the outside, 1601 Monterey Boulevard in St. Francis Wood doesn't look like any other house in San Francisco. Its expansive front lawn and Colonial exterior complete with pillars are more reminiscent of a Southern plantation than a typical city home. Inside, the house is sort of insane. A futuristic fireplace is flanked by an old-fashioned grandfather clock and china closet. There appears to be a tree planted in inside one room, its branches stretching the whole way up to the ceiling. The kitchen is a startling shade of blue, as is the flooring throughout most of the main-floor rooms, and there are black chandeliers painted on the bathroom walls. The house just came on the market asking $6.75 million, a very sizable $1,342 per square for its five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the bizarre decorating choices is that they appear to be largely unchanged since 2008, when the mansion last sold for $5 million. That means that two successive owners have wanted a tree growing in their living room. Based on the photos of the house taken in 2008, there is also likely some electric blue carpeting upstairs and a bathroom that appears to be entirely bloodred.

The house itself has plenty of potential. It was designed by St. Francis Wood's supervising architect, Henry Gutterson, and comes with a half-acre of leafy lawns and gardens. A makeover is definitely in order, though we do kind of want to see inside that vampire bathroom before it gets unceremoniously slayed.

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