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Glassy Glen Park Home Perfect for Exhibitionists Asks $4.2M

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Just two years ago, 233 Laidley Street was an empty, grassy lot squeezed in between two other homes. The lot was snapped up for $410,000—a price that came in $31,000 over asking—just a week after it hit the market, and the buyers wasted no time putting up a brand-new four-bedroom box designed by architect Michael Hennessy. The home's most notable features are its huge windows overlooking the street. Although they provide lots of light, they also give passersby a direct look into the main living space that would surely be problematic for any privacy lovers. The interiors are incredibly sleek, if a bit soulless. The only touches of color come from phenomenal views out across the city through a rear facade that is primarily glass. The house is asking $4.2 million, which we're pretty sure works out to be only about $140K per window.
· 233 Laidley Street [Pacific Union International]