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Infographic: San Franciscans Name Their Dogs After Booze

Dog-sitting website has dug into their data and drawn up some very pretty infographics comparing the canines of San Francisco and Seattle. Lucy and Bella are top names in both cities, with hundreds of dogs answering (or not) to those names. In San Francisco, alcohol names are relatively popular, with 44 dogs named things like Guinness, Porter, or Merlot. (There's also a little Pinot and even a Bordeaux running around out there, sigh.) San Francisco dogs also get the most tech names—in fact, there are five dogs named Tesla, as well as dogs named Typo, Pixel, Data, and Gigabyte (here, Giggy!)

In both cities, dogs outnumber children, though in Seattle, cats also outnumber dogs. While Seattle has more canines (and felines) per household than San Francisco, San Francisco's dogs are much more likely to be house trained. In both cities Labs are the most popular, but you're much more likely to find a golden retriever in Seattle than in San Francisco. Our city's top dogs after Labs are Chihuahuas, mixed breeds, poodles, German shepherds, dachshunds, Yorkies, Maltese, and Jack Russells.

San Francisco also tops Seattle for dog-friendly destinations around town. There are 177 restaurants, 72 hotels, and 57 parks that welcome dogs. There are also five phenomenal dog beaches in the city, including Fort Funston, which was crowned as San Francisco's very best dog park by Curbed readers.

SF dogs also, apparently, prefer to stick their heads out the windows of electric cars. No word on any dogs named Elon or Musk, however.

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