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'Frank Lloyd Wright'-Style Spaceship Lands in Oakland for $21M

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Sitting large and round atop a knoll in Oakland's Claremont Hills is a 14,000-square-foot home that sits on 20 acres of land. The house is visible for miles around and will likely be recognized by anyone who regularly drives on Highway 24 toward the Caldecott Tunnel. It is now on the market asking a breathtaking $21 million, a price that would put it in the lofty third spot of our recently updated 25 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in San Francisco if it were located in the city. Although the brokerbabble says that the design is Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired, the house feels like more of a futuristic, luxurious spaceship to us.

The centerpiece of the four-bedroom, five-bathroom house is its large, round living room with floor-to-ceiling views of the surrounding hills and bay. An intricately designed geometric entranceway adds to the feeling of entering into another realm. In the backyard there is a pool surrounded by manicured lawns, and acres of vineyards grow on the grounds. The wine cellar breaks the futuristic trend by reverting to medieval times with a design complete with hanging swords and stained-glass windows. There's also a gigantic, deluxe garage that currently holds a clichéd red sports car and, much more confusingly, a sleigh that looks as if it could belong to Santa.

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