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Anne Hathaway's House from 'The Princess Diaries' Asks $2.6M

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In 1911, Engine Company 43 was built on Brazil Avenue to fight fires in the Excelsior. The firehouse was originally constructed for horse-drawn carriages, but switched over to fire trucks in 1918. By 1976 it was no longer in operation and was sold at a surplus property auction to a buyer who converted it into a private residence. The firehouse had a starring moment in The Princess Diaries, when it was used as the setting for Anne Hathaway's character, Mia, in her "awkward," pre-makeover phase. The historic firehouse is now on the market for $2.6 million, and the brokerbabble sees it as an opportunity for "units, live-work space or your favorite tech start-up."

There are almost 4,800 square feet in the firehouse itself, plus an additional 340-square-foot outbuilding that was originally the firemen's kitchen. Inside, the space feels like a loft with cavernous rooms and few walls or interior details, which makes it the perfect starter castle for any would-be rulers of fictional monarchies.

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