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Here's the Playland WRNS and Clive Wilkinson Created for Intuit

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On Friday the financial software company Intuit, which currently holds down a small campus close to Mountain View's Shoreline Lake, broke ground on an office building that will double its footprint in Silicon Valley. The four-story, 185,000-square-foot addition is designed by WRNS and Googleplex whisperer Clive Wilkinson, who, from the looks of the renderings, are bestowing the sort of collaborative playland on Intuit's workforce that Silicon Valley employees have come to expect. The building, designed to meet the LEED Platinum standard, will bring an atrium with stadium seating for 600, a collaboration studio, and something called the TechKnow Bar—which sounds like a knockoff of the Genius Bar, except with the addition of actual coffee.
· Mountain View Campus Expansion Plans [Intuit]