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Rowdy Giants Fans Started a Fire at Vida Condos on Mission

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Just before midnight last night, as crowds of Giants fans got down to what is unfortunately becoming a biannual habit of setting couches ablaze and torturing Muni vehicles, a fire broke out at the back of the Vida condo complex. Last we checked in, the building—which is still an active construction site—was looking pretty intact, at least until the Giants' defeated the Royals last night in the World Series. Valleywag's Kevin Montgomery was on the scene and documented the damage, which started when revelers breached the construction fence and smashed the building's storefront windows.

Then a fire started around the corner on Bartlett Street, at the rear edge of the Vida site.

It looks like the fire was confined to a Dumpster outside the building:

This morning, construction workers and a few pedestrians were gathered just inside the fence, taking stock of the damage. Big plate-glass storefront windows were gone, but the building looked otherwise unharmed.

Montgomery also caught some vandalism across the street, at Vanguard's Mission storefront.

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