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Did Danny Glover's Ex Unload Her Buena Vista Manse for $10M?

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The Spreckels mansion at 737 Buena Vista Avenue West—not to be confused with the Spreckels mansion in Pacific Heights—was built in 1897 by Richard Spreckels, whose uncle was sugar magnate Adolph, making No. 737 something of a nephew to Danielle Steel's more famous shrub-barricaded abode. Jack London and Ambrose Bierce both laid their heads at the Buena Vista Queen Anne at various points, as did Graham Nash. (We hear Nash actually lived next door. —Ed.) More recently, it was home to San Francisco-born actor and avid recycler Danny Glover, who lived there with his former wife, Asake Bomani, before their divorce nearing on 15 years ago. (They picked it up in 1990 for $1.55 million.) After the split Bomani hung onto the manse—which sports herringbone wood floors, round stained-glass windows, and a curious trompe-l'oeil wall mural of a vine-draped medieval-looking lane.

But recent property records filed with the assessor-recorder's office suggest that a sale has taken place. Which does then explain the mysterious "comp" sale record that quietly popped up on the MLS over the weekend. The price of the sale looks to be an even $10 million.

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