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Finally! Approvals for Long-Delayed Condos at 490 S. Van Ness

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Plans for a seven-story condo building at 490 South Van Ness have been floating around for four years. During that time the development has faced opposition from neighbors, a push for a full environmental review that was ultimately knocked back, questions about ground contamination clean-up from the former gas station on the lot, and several recent delays to its Planning Commission hearing. 490 South Van Ness finally got its day in front of Planning yesterday and passed 7-0. Planning's only suggestion was for the developer to work with planners to "simplify the exterior."

Now that all of the hullabaloo around the project has settled, J.C.N. Developers can move ahead with the building. There will be 72 new units—including 12 below-market-rate—and 48 parking spaces, as well as a small space for ground-floor retail. Forty-two two-bedroom units and 30 one-bedrooms are planned, and of course there will be a roof deck. Forum Design and Smith + Smith Landscape are on board for design, although it sounds like there will be some changes coming to the building's exterior based on Planning's feedback yesterday.

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