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Hey, What's Los Angeles Doing with San Francisco's Banksy?

A few years ago, the most famous street artist of them all—Bansky, of course—swept through San Francisco. He left behind pieces in the Mission, Chinatown, SoMa, and the Haight. Some remain intact, while others were destroyed almost immediately. One Banksy painting of a rat ended up on the side of the Red Victorian, a Haight bed-and-breakfast, where the owner ultimately made plans to paint over it. An art enthusiast from San Francisco managed to preserve the work and has now found a home for it at downtown Los Angeles' U.S. Bank Tower, which would seem to be one of the least hospitable locations for a graffiti work by the anti-establishment artist.

Only a few months after the Banksy was painted, art enthusiast Brian Greif worked with Brothers Collins Woodworking to remove the 10 slats of siding that the piece was painted on and sent it to an art restorer. It has been shown in several locations around the country and is now at the LA skyscraper until November 28. Greif has promised not to profit from the art, stating that it must be exhibited for free and be open to the public. In good news for San Francisco, the graffito's next stop may be back in its hometown at an as-yet-unnamed nonprofit arts center.

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