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Super-Speedy Lone Mountain Flip Adds $1.09M in Just 5 Months

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When this three-bedroom, three-bath Craftsman with pretty pointed-arch windows sold for $1.9 million in Lone Mountain in May, it was looking pretty good. But the kitchen and at least one of bathrooms needed a spruce, and nothing attracts a flipper like an aging plastic laminate finish. The flippers kept much of the layout, transforming what looks like a library (or perhaps a sparsely furnished den) into a fourth bedroom and adding a bath. The old fireplace stayed, but some of the rounded doorways have been squared off, and the newly powder-blue living room is now sporting one of those regrettable chandeliers with the many tiny lampshades.
A pretty (but perhaps off-putting in real life?) proscenium-like sleeping nook has been stripped from the bedroom, and the deck also got a retooling. The new ask, $2.99 million, is spot on the neighborhood's median list price. And since the big changes are an improvement and the small ones reversible, we'd say this one falls more on the side of lightning-fast neighborhood arbitrage (to coin an, er, term) than nefarious flip.

After photo via William Weber.

After photo via William Weber.

· 66 Rossi Ave [Redfin]