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35 Dolores Now Unofficially Selling One-Bedrooms for $800K

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Right across from the recently completed Whole Foods, at the nexus of one of San Francisco's fastest-changing neighborhoods, is Thirty-Five Dolores. The boxy four-story building, designed by Levy Design Partners for the Lightner Property Group, is already in the final stages of construction, and should be completed in late November. Amenities include an on-site guest studio, a huge communal backyard, and bicycle storage, as well as car- and dog-wash areas. Unsurprisingly, despite the lack of an official sales office, a majority of the units have already been snapped up by eager buyers with deep, deep pockets. Last we heard, fewer than 10 units remain, which means that those hoping to call Thirty-Five Dolores home had better be ready to shell out.

The available one-bedroom units are hovering in the $800,000 range (sorry, the cheaper ones, and the ones with parking, are sold out). The remaining two-bedrooms are priced between roughly $1.2 million and $1.4 million, just above the neighborhood median for a two-bedroom condo, according to Paragon's handy interactive map. Only two three-bedrooms remain, priced in the mid-$1 million range, and we hear neither one gets quite enough light. Anyone up for slumming it in New York?

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Mission Dolores Basilica

3321 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94114